HappyHour Menu

Lamb Crunchy crockette

Lamb Crunchy crockette with tamarind sauce (6 unts.)

Tapioca (Brazilian white pastry)

With coalho cheese and sweet tomatoes served with tangerine and chilli dip (6 unts.)

White Fish Ceviche

White Fish Ceviche with Pomegranate and tangerine

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad with feta cheese and a mix of organic leaves, caramelized massala almonds, olive and balsamic vinegar sauce

Vegetarian Samosas

with eggplant, chestnut, apricot, lemon zest and mint (6 unts.)

Organic Chicken Lacquered in Balsamic Honey

Organic Chicken Lacquered in Balsamic Honey over quinoa salad with fresh tomatoes, organic watercress and almonds
* Vegan option eggplant with balsamic

Zazá Poke

Fresh tuna, massago roe, edamame, mango, nori seaweed, wassabi pea, cucumber and ginger pickles e banana chips over jasmine rice with sesame